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Cherie Nelson

Cherie grew up in Los Angeles, California with her parents and five brothers. As the youngest and only girl, she began playing basketball with her brothers and their friends and by the time she was in high school, Cherie was a part of the USA sports festival team. At age 16, she was chosen, by the USA national team to play basketball. Cherie was a gifted and passionate athlete, which earned an acceptance and position on the team at the prestigious University of Southern California (USC). While attending USC, Cherie had developed a strong network of known movie and TV producers, directors, composers, and musicians throughout Los Angeles and Southern California. Upon completing her bachelors’ degree in Public Administration, she had created lifelong partnerships and connections, while also establishing a successful career in professional basketball in Japan and Italy. Subsequently, Cherie has strong ties with high-net-worth individuals in the United States and Africa, with a vast understanding of culture and community. This is why Cherie has also pursued a career in real estate. Through her network and interactions with people and community from all walks of life, linked with her experience in business, Cherie has helped individuals and families successfully find a place they can call home. Cherie prides herself in maintaining strong connections and lasting relationships. Let Cherie help you make that connection in your new home.